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PRESENÇA IMPORT & EXPORT LTD., is the  embryonic company of PRESENÇA GROUP located in Santa Maria, in the center of Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, after several years and his President and Director Antonio Carlos Gomes de Oliveira, acting as a commercial self-start his activities officially in business March 1986, exclusively representing some companies in the Brazilian market.
With the advent of globalization and the expectation of having the world as a limit, then went on to start his business with the international market expanded its business to the most distant and diverse markets.
Today, we have a long history of activities and success in sales and business advice in the international market covering all continents.
We currently have our own commercial infrastructure in Colombia, Panama, Switzerland and 3 states of the United States, California, Nevada and Washington as well as keep members in over 23 countries and providing permanent travel by our employees CARIBBEAN, CENTRAL AMERICA, NORTH AMERICA, EAST EUROPEAN, ASIA, MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA and EUROPE with a strong performance in the sectors of commodities.
Conquered in the year 2005/2006 awarded TOP OF MIND / BRAZIL in research conducted by INBRAP - Brazilian Institute for Research and Public Opinion, in recognition of the brand and company for their dedicated performance in international business.
Santa Maria, (Rio Grande do sul)
@: presencasm@yahoo.com.br
MSN: presencasm@hotmail.com
Skype: presenca
Las Vegas, Nevada 
Seattle, Washington
Los Angeles, California
BRACOL  - Panama
Panama City, Panama


Medellín, (Antioquia)
@: colombianps@gmail.com
MSN: colombianps@hotmail.com
Yahoo: colombianps@yahoo.com
Skype: paoloserani
Medellín, Colombia
Medellín, Colombia
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